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Bitterroot Valley - - Community Food Project (CFP)

Bitterroot Valley Food System          

Community Food Project (CFP)

In a nutshell, our mission is kansas city chiefs tickets to have more of the food that is consumed in the valley produced in the valley. 

We envision a more sustainable, local food aladdin tickets production and supply system that fosters the economic health of our communities and farms, the social and physical health of our citizens, and the environmental health of our valley.  
        This is a project of Sustainable Living Systems  (SLS), being funded by a USDA grant kinky boots tickets that is part of the Farm Bill.   It is to help communities improve their community food security. The full Report and an 18 page Summary of the Community Food Assessment is on the Food Assessment page. 

It is time for all communities, world-wide, to take charge of their own food systems. (Read this Letter to the President by Michael Pollan.) 
           "For each percent more (state wide) that we eat of Montana-produced foods, we add about
            $30 million to the state's economy." - - Bruce Smith, Extension agent for Dawson County.
We started focusing on building u2 tickets a Local Food System for two reasons:
  - - because we saw the importance of building a local expired domains economy and a local food system is the key to a local economy,
  - - and because industrial agriculture food is making us sick.  The Western (corporate) diet = Western diseases.
To learn more about this, read the Mindful Eating Articles.

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